Giving You the Tools to Navigate Your Way

At Work

Balance that which you do with that which you are.

At Home

Keep your love alive as parents and as partners.

And Within


Deepen your connection with yourself and those you love.

Jonathan's Approach

You are more than the problems that beset you.

Counseling encourages the brave work of self inquiry and relational connection.

Your relationships are the touchstones to your personal well being. Our work will take a close look at those bonds - past and present - that continue to influence your present experience. Our weekly interactions provide ongoing opportunities to develop more authentic connections with your own well being and with those most important to you.

The lion’s share of my work as a relational therapist involves assisting individuals to better regulate their relationships with others. If overwhelmed by the needs of others, we focus on practicing setting more effective boundaries. Or, if disturbed by isolation, we practice allowing more vulnerability to show through to increase opportunities for bonding. By paying attention to the patterns apparent in our therapeutic relationship, we can discover clues to broader patterns and explore ways to “adjust the temperature” in order to create better-regulated habits as we return to our families and communities. Read More...

Saru's Approach

Hi! My name is Sarangan Sivanesan. People call me Saru.

I want to help you create the balance between your left and right brain, between thinking and feeling, between doing and being that’s so integral to living a full and complete life.

I’m a Marriage and Family Therapist Registered Intern (IMF 70010) practicing under the supervision of Jonathan Bartlett, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (MFC 48223), having received my MA in Counseling Psychology from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology in 2011.

I understand what it means to waste mental cycles on trivial things and how powerful a feeling it is to reclaim them… To know that you can devote yourself to anything with 100% of your energy and enthusiasm!   Why?  Because I’m an “ex-techie.”

Prior to becoming a professional counselor and psychotherapist, I was a software engineer for over two decades, working at companies such as Ciena, Palm, and Microsoft.My undergraduate degree is a Bachelor of Mathematics with specialization in Computer Science.

Professional counseling and psychotherapy is about creating change. Letting go of beliefs about your self, relationships and life that aren't bringing you happiness – and, in fact, are likely making some aspect of life miserable.

If you've tried just about everything you can think of to take back control of your relationships and your life, but nothing seems to work – at least, not for long – you're far from alone.

Most people try anything and everything before deciding to seek professional help.

But, when the mental and emotional discomfort turns to pain and anguish, people eventually ask themselves, "I have to do something to stop the pain. Why not get some professional help?"

If you find unhelpful thoughts and images replaying themselves over and over in your mind and, no matter what you try, you can't get them to stop, some form of counseling and psychotherapy can help you reclaim this mental and emotional bandwidth and use it to create the relationships and life you desire.

But, what you may not know is that, no matter how experienced or well-trained any given therapist is, the most important aspect of psychotherapy is the relationship you create with your therapist. More Info on Saru

Here are some of the issues we work with:

At Work


Career Choice

Communication Problems

Peer Relationships

Multicultural Concerns


Self-Confidence/ Feelings of Inadequacy

Sensitivity to Criticism

Finding Your Voice

Social Anxiety

Stress, Worries, Anxiety

Work / Home Balance

Life Coaching



And Within


Life Purpose / Meaning / Inner-Guidance





Depression / Mania

Emotional Regulation 

Self Esteem

Emptiness and Isolation


Grief, Loss, and Bereavement

Identity Issues

Men's Issues

Midlife Transition / Menopause

Post Traumatic Stress / Trauma / Abuse

At Home


Blended Family Issues

Child and/or Adolescent Issues 

Codependency / Dependency

Divorce / Divorce Adjustment

Family Problems

Illness/ Chronic Pain of Loved Ones

Infidelity / Affair Recovery


Pre-Marital Counseling

Relationships and Marriage

Sexuality / Sex Therapy

Transitions (new baby, move, empty nest)


You can also initiate a conversation with Jonathan or Saru by email or phone. Leave us your number and a good time to reach you. We will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. (408) 353 - 3791

(408) 353 - 3791 (650) 417 - 3561

(650) 417 - 3561


Billing and Insurance


Payment is expected at the beginning of each appointment. We accept cash, check, or credit card.

Jonathan and Saru are “Out-of-Network” Providers for most major insurance companies. Clients using this insurance benefit pay for therapy at sessions, and receive regular receipts for services. Psychotherapy qualifies as a health care expense, and receipts can be submitted to your plan for direct reimbursement to you. It’s a great way to obtain the therapy you want, with a therapist of your own choice, and receive a tax benefit along with reimbursed expenses. For more information check with your insurance company or your employer'sHuman Resource Department.

Cancellation Policy
Therapy sessions must be cancelled at least 48 hours in advance or you will be charged for the full cost of the session.