What did you like

As a boy being raised by two women, my mother and my grandmother, and having only women teachers in the primary grades 1-6, I was taught by women how to be a man. There were tasks that were “men’s work” and tasks that were “women’s work”. So I learned to dig holes, pound tomato stakes, cut grass, put out garbage, paint the things that needed painting, etc. It doesn’t sound like much fun, I agree, but there was a lot of accomplishment felt when doing men’s work as a boy.

> What did you not like about being a boy?

Not solely limited to boys, but I’d say bullying. Starting at the age of 4, I was bullied by a close neighbor boy that was about 4 years older. At that age, 4 years is typically a huge size difference. What did I eventually do about it? Years later I retired from the martial arts w/the rank of 6th Dan black belt. About 55 years later I was re-introduced to this fellow, whom I did not recognize. “Ray, do you remember Johnny White?” At about a head taller than this fellow now, I just looked down at him and smiled. Yes, I remember…

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