What did you like/dislike about being a boy growing up?

Jonathan Bartlett Having grown up the youngest in a family boys I came to accept my role as a softy among other guys. Up to second grade it was Not that hard to find other gentle guy friends. It got more brutal in third grade -when the boys started defining the group pecking order similar to what Dimitri has described. Play and bullying were hard to distinguish. Fortunately at the start of my 4th grade year at a new school these two girls- Janet and Kristy- walked straight up to me and kicked me in the shins. I laughed glad for the attention and gave chase. They squealed and so began months of running around. I think that might’ve been the prepubescent origin of my heterosexual identity. Easier to find my “sleek”maleness respected by girls then by guys. I found I could bypass having to compete physically with boys by being charming with the girls. A bit of a lonelier trip as described by Perry but eventually being able to play with girls garnered street cred with the guys and was a more fun win/win way to feel power. At least for me.

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