Writings On Parenting Skills

by Jonathan Bartlett


Raising Silence Breakers

Positive Talking Points when talking about sexual consent with your middle school kids.

Your Beauty is Your Own to Have

You Get to Change Your Mind

You Can Be an Animal and Still Be Smart

Your Body is Not Up for Grabs

Truly Saying Yes Comes After the Safety to Say No



Secure and Elastic Attachment: Good Parenting Provides Both

At every level of development, children need a balance of secure and elastic attachment with their caregivers. 


Fatherhood Is Not Motherhood Lite

Hey Dads. Feeling irritable and distant? Blowing a fuse for no good reason? A little nervous about your disconnection from the kids?  Well here’s a unique idea not always presented to fathers: You are Good Enough the way you are. Read More... 

Raising Children in a Toxic-Free Relationship

What is happening in your child’s body as they observe you and your partner fight it out over your latest big trust issue? As parents, we are hyper vigilant about the level of toxins in our children’s food, playgrounds, and classrooms but we can be selectively blind to the level of toxins passed on through our relationship.


Caring for Each Other After a Miscarriage

The loss of a child before it is born naturally stirs intense and conflicting emotions. Women might feel an intense physical bonding and grief for a being with whom they have already grown attached. Whereas men might feel more ephemerally connected and cheated from the opportunity to begin their bond.